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From Dilara Dayioglugil, SODAC

January 31, 2022

The fees to be taken from the Permit Documents given to Foreign Flag Commercial Yachts

39m and above in length have been determined.




The amendments made by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism to the Law For The Encouragement of Tourism “Law” No. 2364 were published in the Official Gazette No. 31551 dated July 28th, 2021. Certain changes on the article 29 of the law are as follows:


(i) Foreign flagged 39 meters and above commercial yachts in length, which are considered to contribute to the country's tourism by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, are allowed to operate and navigate in Turkish territorial waters (by collecting a contribution margin to the social and technical infrastructure services determined each year) in the same calendar year for a temporary period.

(ii) 39 meters and above Non-Turkish flagged commercial yachts ,which are also considered to contribute to the country's tourism, will be charged by The Ministry of Culture and Tourism according to the length of the yachts from the permit documents to be given in accordance with Article 29 of the Tourism Encouragement Law in order to be able to operate in Turkish territorial waters.

Fees will be charged according to the below tariffs from the permits given to yachts in accordance with the article 29/3 of the Encouragement of Tourism Law:

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In addition to the entrance fee to Turkey for 2022, it is necessary to collect contributions to social and technical infrastructure services for a one-time basis.

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(iii) The provisions of the Customs Law dated 10/27/1999 and numbered 4458 will be applied to yachts that are not reinstated at the end of the permit period and do not leave Turkish territorial waters.


Further Information

Charterers ,who would like to operate in Turkey with a non-Turkish flagged yachts, will be required to provide following documents:


- A letter stating the sailing schedule of the yacht and the period of its operation in Turkey,

- The Turkish translation of the insurance policy of the yacht,

- Yacht ownership Certificate,

- The document related to the authorized person or authorized representative of the company,

- Identity document of the authorized person,

- Yacht Registration Form (Transit log)

- Certificate of stay in yacht harbour or yacht docking area licensed by the Ministry of Tourism,

- Docking Agreements,


The application must be submitted to the the Ministry of Culture and Tourism at least 15 days prior to arrival of yacht to Turkey.


If the submitted documents are deemed appropriate, permission will be granted for a temporary period not exceeding the same calendar year. Following the approval of the Ministry, a permit document will be issued by the Ministry if the receipts indicating that the entrance fee to Turkey has been paid and the contribution margin to the social and technical infrastructure services has been deposited to the Central Directorate of the Ministry's Revolving Fund.


If an extension is requested for the yacht's operation in Turkey and this request is deemed appropriate by the Ministry, it may be approved if the requested duration of the permit does not exceed the same calendar year and the yacht's current documents remain valid.


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